Does Anyone Read Your CSR Report?

by | Mar 16, 2007

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In the first week following Sun’s January 29 release of its 2006 CSR Report, the report was only downloaded from Sun’s Website 247 times by employees, according to a blog post by Scott Lynn, Sun’s corporate social responsibility program manager. While information on external downloads for the last three days in January was unavailable, only 58 external downloads were made between February 1 and February 6.

“Do you mean to tell me that in a company of 38,000 employees, only 247 of them bothered to download the company’s first-ever corporate social responsibility report?” Lynn writes. Sun did promote the report – the CEO sent an email to all employees directing them to the PDF file, marketing and sales staff shared it with customers, and a feature story was posted on Sun’s internal Web site.

“If employees aren’t reading it, and they have a serious stake in our company’s work in this area, does that mean nobody is?” Lynn writes. “And if nobody is reading it, why are we reporting in the first place? Wouldn’t our resources be better used some other way?”

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