News Roundup: Enel, Verdiem, Timberland, ConocoPhillips…

by | Dec 20, 2006

Enel Picks Fusina for Site of Hydrogen Power Plant
Enel has chosen Fusino as the site for the world’s first hydrogen Power Plant. Enel will invest 40 million euros in the project. The Veneto Region will contribute more than 4 million euros for research and development. The project is part Enel’s plan to invest 4 billion euros over the next five years in renewables and environment-friendly innovation.

Verdiem Saves Clients $18 Million in Energy Costs
Verdiem, a startup company that makes software that manages corporate personal computer networks to lower energy usage, has seen revenues jump from $400,000 to $4 million in two years.

Its clients have saved nearly $18 million and cut their greenhouse gas emissions by about 146,000 tons – the equivalent of taking 19,000 cars off the road. Such numbers give companies green bragging rights, of course, but also could potentially prove valuable as limits on greenhouse gases are imposed and carbon trading markets emerge in states like California.

The company has sold more than 300,000 licenses and Verdiem says clients can cut energy use by five to 15 percent. Read the whole story over at Green Wombat.

HyPower Joins Teletrips Green Community
HyPower Fuel announced that it recently joined Teletrips, a provider of vehicle emission reduction tracking and aggregation services in the U.S. and Canada.

It is estimated that the Mobile Emission Reduced Credit (MERC) market is currently in excess of $2.6 billion, according to HyPower. Teletrips has agreed to work with HyPower to establish the necessary protocols to properly track the emission reductions for MERC’s and/or grants and rebates available from governmental organizations. The resulting MERC’s could then be sold by the customer on the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Timberland Ad Turns Heads
Will Timberland’s new print ad make people rush to the company’s site to buy boots? Not necessarily, according to a MarketingProfs article. But for the savvy shopper who takes it all in as she makes purchasing decisions, it is pretty likely that the Timberland name is now placed in permanent memory.

OREC & NWPPA Announce Strategic Alliance
The Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition and Northwest Public Power Association have announced (PDF) a strategic alliance to connect ocean-based renewable technology providers with electric utilities interested in investigating and pursuing this new source of energy.

ConocoPhillips Begins Production of Renewable Diesel Fuel in Ireland
ConocoPhillips is producing renewable diesel fuel at the company’s Whitegate Refinery in Cork, Ireland. The production process was developed by ConocoPhillips and uses soybean and other vegetable oils to produce renewable diesel fuel that meets European Union standards.

The refinery is producing 1,000 barrels per day of renewable diesel fuel for sale into the Irish market, according to ConocoPhillips. The fuel is produced using existing equipment at the refinery and is blended and transported with petroleum-based diesel, unlike biodiesel fuel. The process can also be used to convert animal fats and oils to renewable diesel fuel.

Axis Technologies and AJARCO Team Up to Promote Axis Ballasts in the New York City Area
Axis Technologies is working with AJARCO, an energy consulting and marketing company headquartered in New York City to introduce the Axis Dimming/Daylight Harvesting fluorescent ballasts to the five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding market.

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