Companies Pay $20 Billion for Pollution Control Equipment

by | Nov 20, 2006

The EPA has obtained commitments from industry, governments and other regulated entities to reduce pollution by nearly 900 million pounds in fiscal year 2006. Today’s report reflects a sustained three-year record of pollution reduction, totaling almost 3 billion pounds, and requiring companies to invest almost $20 billion in pollution control equipment.

As a result of criminal enforcement actions completed this year, defendants will serve 154 years in jail and pay almost $43 million in fines, as well as another $29 million for environmental projects imposed as part of the sentences.

As a result of EPA’s Superfund enforcement actions, parties held responsible for pollution will invest $391 million to clean up 15 million cubic yards of contaminated soil and approximately 1.3 billion cubic yards of contaminated groundwater at waste sites. On top of paying penalties in 2006, regulated entities will also be required to invest $4.9 billion to reduce pollution and achieve compliance with environmental laws.

EPA’s top air enforcement actions will result in reductions in harmful air emissions totaling 379 million pounds of sulfur dioxide and 92 million pounds of nitrogen oxides annually.

Eighty-five refineries, representing 77 percent of domestic refining capacity, are now subject to enforceable orders and consent decrees, and negotiations are ongoing with refiners representing an additional 11 percent of capacity.

More information on EPA’s FY 2006 enforcement and compliance program, including details of significant enforcement and compliance activities and data, is available on EPA’s fiscal year 2006 enforcement and compliance results.

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